Welcome to Demon Pedals - Quality Made in Germany

Demon Pedals is a small company, which is dedicated to build effect pedals on a high quality Standard. Each pedal is hand build and tested, before it's shipped to our customers.

!!! Attention !!!

Due to the current worldwide situation caused by COVID-19, we are currently unable to ship to some countries outside the EU. We apologize for this and hope to be able to ship internationally without restrictions soon.

Shipping information for U.S. customers

Packages to the U.S. may experience exceptionally long transit times and significant delays around import customs clearance.

“The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) is currently unable to provide the usual quality in accepting and forwarding international shipments, nor can they provide us with reliable tracking information. As the backlogs in the USA are not expected to be processed until the end of March, we ask for your patience.


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