About us

Who are we? Why did we found Demon Pedals? What is our motivation?

These are questions some of you may have asked yourself, but maybe didn't get an answer. We would like to change this and give you a small insight, which will bring you an us a bit closer together.

The people behind Demon Pedals are Matthias and Peter. We both come from Mainaschaff and we both also play the guitar in two different bands. One a stoner rock band and one a punk rock band.

The first pedal was build purely for curiosity and fun for ourselfs. It was an analog delay. Not the easiest pedal to build for starters, but it was a nice challange from which you could lern a lot. After that we build a few other pedals, also for ourselfs, which ranged from a booster to a drive up to the point of a flanger.

The first steps, away from it purely being a hobby, to it becoming a small subsidiary occupation was with repairs of effect pedals. Because of that we also made contact with Matte from My Sleeping Karma (MSK), whom we repaired his Green Russian Muff. For comparrison and evaluation we gave him one of our own build and modified Green Muff. This was the birthplace of Demon Pedals. Matte was totally excited about our pedal and after a few changes, after his ideas, our first pedal the "MATTRIX" was born. The name and the design should resemble Matte and MSK and also be a tribute to him.

With this the foundation was laid and 9 month later the next pedals followed. What motivates us to continue building pedals, is when we get feedback from musicians that are totally hookedon our pedals. We build the pedals after our vision of sound and are delighted to hear, when other musicians also like that sound.

We will continue to give our best in building high quality pedals, that will bring joy to musicians.

So keep rockin' hard

Best regards from your Demon Pedals team

Matt and Pete