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The Ganapati combines our Ganesha drive and Vahana boost into one enclosure. Both pedals are connected via a shared input and output jack. They  can be individually selected by two separate footswitches. With a toogle switch the order can be choosen. Ganesha->Vahana or Vahana-> Ganesha.

249.00 **
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A versatile, dynamic Drive pedal, that is able to cover everything from a soft sounding Overdrive to the aggressiveness of a Distortion pedal. It has a profound tone section and acts beautifully in conjunction with the volume pot of your guitar.

199.00 **
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Delivery period: 3-5 working days


Kijo is our take on a germanium Fuzz. The twisted soul of the demoness shows itself in the form of a fuzzy sound that can easily be tamed with turning your guitar volume knob down.

Flip the switch to choose between lower/fatter sounding growls or higher pitched screams.

Over are also the times where you have to exclusivly use a battery, isolated power supply or are unable to daisy chain it with other pedals. Kijo can be used like any other regular pedal with a normal power supply, thanks to its internal voltage converter.

189.00 **

Kondo Shifuku D-Style

Kondo Shifuku D-Style – a dynamic platform that tightly interacts with the player, offering you a wide range of consistently great sounds starting from the clean preamp, all possible shades of a booster, through low gain and medium gain overdrive sounds to singing lead sounds.

279.00 **


Based on the vintage Russian Muff from Matte, we created him an updated version of this legendary pedal, put it in a smaller enclosure and fitted it with lots of new features, to provide him and you with an additional sound spectrum. A mid control was added, to help regulate these frequencies (scoop). Additionally each clipping stage has its own switch. With the left switch (Stage 1), you can choose between Silicon - No clipping - Germanium. The right switch (Stage 2) adds another three clipping variations. With both switches in the lower position, you get the clipping stages of the Green Muff. Everything else is up to you to find your personal sound! From Fuzz/Distortion to smooth Overdrive. Everything is possible.

209.00 **
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It's a smooth tone enhancer that packs a proper punch. When you crank the Karma up, a pleasant sounding Drive is added.

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